Author: Abesh

This time, let’s be real!

1st August 2020 0

This time let’s make a change. When we start talking to someone, instead of showing our greatness, this time let’s begin with our flaws. Before we fill them with the physical beauty of ours, perhaps let’s show them the truth we have hidden inside. Before we portray how beautiful we are, lets actually show them…

By Abesh

Can hollowness be defined?

14th May 2020 9

There’s always this void space in everyone’s life which is indescribable, unseen but definitely present. I can’t see yours and you can’t feel mine, but it’s there. No matter where we gained it, when we gained it and what we chose it to call it. Deep down we all know it’s there for some time…

By Abesh

Unanswered Questions

6th December 2019 0

Sometimes it does not take a very intellectual or a spiritual person to think about the meaning of life. At times, commoners like me too, do get very intrigued about the very existence of our human life. What am I doing? I sometimes ask myself. Do I really have some purpose here?  Was I really…

By Abesh

Jobs and modern day relationsips

28th September 2019 2

Change is essential, they argue. That’s how we transform into someone better. The job we had been working for a long time now suddenly starts to seem boring because it’s monotonous. They reason, ‘I am not able to explore myself any further’. The relationship that lasted for so long comes to a dead end because…

By Abesh


5th October 2018 4

  Hello everyone. Basically, I am not here to motivate you. The reason being neither I am a proper motivational speaker nor I have capability to uplift such great and visionary people like you. What actually I mean by this is after going through various  articles, some of my personal researches based on  stuffs of…

By Abesh