This time, let’s be real!

This time, let’s be real!

1st August 2020 0 By Abesh

This time let’s make a change. When we start talking to someone, instead of showing our greatness, this time let’s begin with our flaws. Before we fill them with the physical beauty of ours, perhaps let’s show them the truth we have hidden inside. Before we portray how beautiful we are, lets actually show them the scars that are covered beneath.

This time let’s not follow the same traditional pattern we have been applying for ages. Maybe before we start telling the success stories, let’s share the ones where we failed. Before telling the things we excel at, let’s discuss things we don’t know about. Before telling them the feats we have achieved, let’s tell things that have scared us. Before telling about our dreams, let’s tell them where we are in reality.

For once, let’s not be fake. Let’s make the base of any relationship be based on complete truth rather than an illusion covered by lies which slowly starts to disintegrate with time. This time, let’s choose the opposite way. Before telling how we feel loved, let’s start with when we feel hurt. Before asking the things they adore in us, let’s ask about things they don’t like in us. Before hating a person for not committing to us, let’s ask what they fear about.

For once let’s not just talk about beautiful memories, happy moments and suppress the other aspect of life. Maybe let’s talk about the things that stop us from loving once again. Let’s talk about what made us lose faith in people. What broke our trust. Let’s talk about the stories that we have long preserved within ourselves and they have started to decay. This time, how about accepting the mistakes we have done rather than covering them. How about listening to people rather than explaining.

This time lets accept them for who they actually are and not what they pretend to be. Let’s ask for the stories they hide behind those smiling faces. Let’s talk about what we dreamt of and what stopped us from becoming one. For once, let’s not make false promises of staying forever together but rather let’s talk about working it happen. Let’s learn to accept the differences rather than compulsively trying to merge them. Let’s learn to make people take their decisions rather than holding grudges against them. This time, let’s not create our own world of overthinking but rather let us talk to them. Let’s keep our ego aside and try to make things work. And still, if we have to separate ways, let’s learn to bid goodbye and accept it rather than holding onto something that is not possible.

This time, when we meet someone, let’s try to be real.