Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions

6th December 2019 0 By Abesh

Sometimes it does not take a very intellectual or a spiritual person to think about the meaning of life. At times, commoners like me too, do get very intrigued about the very existence of our human life. What am I doing? I sometimes ask myself. Do I really have some purpose here?  Was I really brought up here to serve some pre-defined job as they say or is it just another spiritual theory? These questions often trouble me for the very reason being I don’t seem to find any concrete answers.

Look up in holy books they say. Some claim these books have all the answers one could ever ask for.  But do every answer the holy books have to offer, coincide at some point? Because if not, which one do I believe? No, I am not interested in some religious talk, neither am I here for some spiritual debate. I am for the search of answers which has been asked millions of times by millions of people and in millions of forms yet lack a proper conclusion.

I sometimes get confused between motivation and humor. The fact that motivation in itself is so contradictory.  They say you have just one life to live. Work hard, achieve a lot. Another one says not to go for physical wellness as everything goes with grave someday and that no one can take anything with them. So what is all the effort worth giving for?  

 See these phrases? If I just have one life to live, why would I work hard? I believe we work because it’s what is needed for one’s survival. It’s because that’s what we have been taught. It’s never because we have only one life. Motivational speakers often use the phrase ‘ Survival of fittest’.  In other words, the more fit you be, the higher your chances of surviving. They relate this analogy with our life.  I ask how fit can you get? Can we cross the average life expectancy? Or to what extent can we be dominant over others? What is all that fuss of struggling and getting fit for if everything has to end someday? Some theories mention that after-life would be good if we do good deeds in this life. I just hope this is true cause imagine the disappointment one would have working so much for the after life and eventually finding it doesn’t exist. Jokes apart, I believe we should do good deeds because our happiness doesn’t conflict with other people’s reason to be happy.

Another interesting theory mentions, we should stop asking questions and rather fulfil the duties of our part. The power above us will take care of the rest. Well, haven’t we been doing the same up until now? They say making the most of the life that has been given to us and be grateful about it. Spending life with an adequate amount of everything. Keeping everything in balance and accepting the fact that this is the way of living. I say this is not a solution but rather an alternative approach to suppress the question.

Well, anyway the process goes on. My little mind keeps on asking questions and people who believe they have answers keep on answering.  Though I am never fully satisfied with what they have to offer, I keep my quest because at the end when I don’t find any, I still would have the satisfaction that  at least I tried.