5th October 2018 4 By Abesh


Hello everyone. Basically, I am not here to motivate you. The reason being neither I am a proper motivational speaker nor I have capability to uplift such great and visionary people like you. What actually I mean by this is after going through various  articles, some of my personal researches based on  stuffs of these sorts, I am basically here to convey certain things that lay around us yet are always suppressed. I am going to share few things with you people that I believe really  needs to be addressed. It is  about superiority complex, believing on ourselves and knowing about thr ultimate happiness of an individual.

Let me ask you, do you sometimes feel you are unimportant in this gigantic universe around us? If yes is your answer, then let me remind you a few things. Staring with a basic example, I am writing this article and you are reading this . Does that make me more superior than you and make you any less superior? I don’t think so. We are just helping each other thrive. I am giving you something to read and the most important part, you’re reading it. You are equally participating and have by full means an equal part in it.

Similarly, a topper is only a topper because there is someone who fails. There would be no value of a topper if everybody studied at equal amount. You might argue that this is one of the most ridiculous explanations to protect a failure. But on the positive note, do you notice something here? Everyone is of equal importance helping each other thrive. Everyone is co-dependent on each other. Okay so I agree that might not be a greatest way to make our presence noticable.  Failing to help a topper excel. But looking on a bigger scheme, a little higher level, You actually are taking a part, You are not a piece of crap. You are benefiting other people. You are a measured value in a measurement system. Others are being measured on basis of you. Take some pride on that. We all have an equal amount of share in this balanced game running in the world around us.

A millionaire is a said rich because there are people who doesn’t earn as much. Either way one or the other is setting up some value.

Everyone is dependent on one another for the statement of their existence. Nobody is of null value. Increase your value, look great upon yourself no matter what job you are doing, what marks you are scoring. First learn to have faith on yourself and only you can move forward. And this is my first point. Increase the magnitude of your self belief.

So if this case, the basic and most prominent question arises, so why can’t we reverse the position? I’ll write and you read mine. I will be a millionaire and you earn less than me. I’ll be the topper and you score less so I could get value. Why always I be the minimal source to be compared with?  If we are playing an equal part  in this bonding dependent game of the universe, why can’t I be the greater one then?

The answer is simple. That is because we actually don’t want to. Till yesterday, I had been doing nothing. Sitting ideally on the bed and doing nothing at all. And all of a sudden I realize, why not  write articles? Everyone on internet out there is writing it. So I get up and start making notes, search Google, collect materials and stuff while you still lay there and did nothing because you didn’t want to. The topper excel because he/she read the important question given by the teacher while you sat their thinking if everyone knows that’s important, that’s not going to be asked. That’s not how it works. The millionaire earned lot because he worked for it while we were satisfied with the little monotonous life we have. We speak of having great things but internally we actually don’t want the and that’s why in the role of balance, we’re playing the weak ones while others are playing greater ones. Yet the point to be noted is we do have an equal value. If we are playing the higher role, then there is no need to feel superior since it is not an outcome of an individual effort.

But, what if we intentionally don’t want to achieve greater things. I am playing equal part as well. If not for me, you’re nothing. If I don’t read your articles, your all nonsense is going in vain. If I start writing, that silly nerd will have nothing to boast about. I am happy this way. You could obviously argue that.

So ultimately, it all comes down to happiness. If you are happy doing nothing, than that’s great.  If earning less makes you satisfied, then there is no pressure to work hard. Why in the world should I? Since everyone is thriving there to reach the ultimate happiness.  Bigger house, bigger cars, more money .You don’t need them all if you are already really satisfied. So What’s the point?

But then lets overlook this again  and think in our proper minds are we actually breaking the equilibrium of the universe? Is our definition of happiness selfish? Is the path of our happiness is stealing other people’s reason to be happy? Then my friend, you’re not playing fair in the balance game that co-exits between the people that surround us. If your sitting ideally and doing nothing is your happiness but is hampering your life, then you are responsible for all the other life’s associated with you.  If earning little is your happiness, but is affecting people dependent on you, then your happiness is selfish. If your happiness is limited only within you, then you are distorting the chain of equilibrium that is being maintained and that can cause disorder and you will be solely responsible for that.

So yes, to sum up we all are equal . We all are helping one anther survive in the cunning and vast world that lay around us. We all are of exact same importance. Our priorities ,needs and source of happiness might we somewhat different  and we work accordingly on basis of that. But keeping check that we have our self believe upto the maximum level. And since  I kept talking about , since everyone is playing an equal part we must realize this of the chain of the people connected with us is our responsibility.

That’s it . I hope you enjoyed the article. You people might have contradictory views but this is not a debate. I just pitched my views and our varied views is what makes this world a beautiful place. If my words, or your efforts even impacts one life of the seven billion people living out there, then obviously it is a great initiative and a little flicker of light in the gloomy and frustrated environment we are living in right now. If you liked this article, please do  mention anything you want in comments section. We are connected in chain as well, so your appreciation will boost me and encourage me write more frequently whereas my words might help you. With this wonderful bond, you , I, can make this world a better place to live. Have great days. Thank for reading.